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Illegal Foreigners Flood Home Affairs For A Very Strange Reason

Illegal Foreigners Flood Home Affairs For A Very Strange Reason

Date: 2021/11/26

Illegal Foreigners are flooding Home Affairs asking for work permits because the industry has changed they do not just allow these guys to come in the country and do as they wish and please anymore, they want them to go by the book.

Illegal people take the worst contracts of all time compared to what citizens get in the workplace because what could be nothing to a South African they can do a lot with, it is all a matter of perspective and not playing yourself. North African people can sleep in a dog kennel and be paid something like R50 a day and be happy with their lives as life goes no.

The Home Affairs department is getting tired of the number of immigrants asking for permits to work in the country, but this is where the opportunities are, better be here and work on those opportunities than for them to be in their country where war can erupt at any time over the resources.

One movie said Africa was cursed and the world best actor Leonardo played a lead in that movie, most countries in this nation are like that, most of the people are trapped in the lives they would not like to live.

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The foreigners should feed their children, if South Africans feel that they will not do a minimum wage job the are other people who would extremely be happy with what is on the table, they will take it in the rush.

The reason that they are illegals is very strange, the Kenyan President and President Cyril Ramaphosa want to reopen the borders, they want free trade also of people, as they should be able to live anywhere in the continent for free if they want to, not that they need a visa just to go to Kenya.


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