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OPINION |Latest News| Jubjub and R Kelly have few things in common...

Jubjub and R Kelly have few things in common


Sources: Peshasi Twitter page

South Africans have spotted a few things that Jubjub has in common with R Kelly. I mean these two artists were once loved by their fans so deeply especially when it come to their music. I mean there is no doubt when it comes to their talent, they are both the best lyricist in the whole world. It is just that they make a few mistakes during their best time of their careers. They both need to work out a few things in their lives.

During the time when Jubjub was one of the biggest and most successful musicians in South Africa, he use to have the same hairstyle as R Kelly who is an American singer. They are both allegedly accused of the same cases which is sexual abuse from numerous women. I have to agree that there is more to these cases and more women who are afraid of coming forward. As they always say that the entertainment industry is a dangerous place, because there is always someone who is being taken advantage of. Women need to speak out.

In my opinion i think that Jubjub's career is already finished. No production company will be willing to risk their employees to work wih men like Jubjub. Jubjub has proved to everyone that he has not changed, i think he needs some herapy to address all these allegations. Making amends with these women should be one of the first priorities on his list. If he goes back to jail there is definitely no come back for him. Women will now want to be independent and work for themselves other than working with other men. Jubjub need to work on his emotions and life he will be good.

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