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Nomcebo Zikode is really interested in meeting the owner of this unique underwear.

Artists or celebrities are people who are very popular with their fans because of their good work in the community such as entertaining and inspiring people to work hard to reach the same level as them.

Nomcebo zikode is one of the celebrities who is highly regarded by her fans for her contribution and singing talent.Her eloquent voice has earned him a lot of popularity, his arrival in the music industry has opened up many opportunities for her and made her a popular figure.

Even in neighboring countries they know her, and appreciate Nomcebo Zode for her contribution and talent in the music industry,Her music is comforting and brings hope to people which is what makes people love her.It is common for fans to worship artists in an exaggerated way, to the point that they end up doing things that are strange or unusual.

Yes Nomcebo is a decent, polite person and that is undoubtedly the most popular person in the country and that is the only reason why she is mostly admired by many people.

Today the singer got the shock of her life after seeing a customised underwear of a man written in her name, Nomcebo posted the underwear on Facebook with the purpose of search the owner of the customised underwear.

This underwear has surprised many people and some have even ridiculed the story of this type of underwear.

Some of her followers described the actions of the owner of the underwear as a wholehearted follower of Nomcebo ,and some have been telling her that this is an example of how much people admires her as a celebrity.

Even though she didn't manage to get the owner,this is a good example and a way of people to show her that they truly love and follow her because of her amazing music.

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