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Uyajola 9/9: Swatis have no full stop

The last episode of uyajola 9/9 left viewers paralyzed as the participants just went off the expectations.

I have nothing much to write except talking about all the funniest moments ever witnessed in any South African Television show.

Did the complaint just take the side chick's beanie?

Anyway, this is not where it all starts, we should have known it's about to go South when Jub Jub appeared on a scooter.

I think we all witnessed his owls (the drone) and now we see the (roto) rat that goes around.

Ok the ladies were fighting for Glen and he happened to choose the so-called side chick and we never had to experience anything else except their fight and argument. The women went neck and neck as the battled for the old man, the man just stood in amusement the whole time.

Many people believed that Coloured women were the craziest, but unfortunately Swatis seems to have taken the trophy right now. We never expected to see a woman manhandle the bodyguard the way the side chick.

The left turn took place when the side chick got chosen and the main chick had to swallow her pride and leave the party with Jub Jub.

The swearing and drama shock South Africa and proved that in the end a man will always go with the person he loves, despite what a woman may be doing for the man.

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