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Gogo Skhotheni: Viewers believe the sangoma is ruining her reputation for the show

Gogo Skhotheni was once a Facebook based sangoma that people adored, ever since her Moja Love show premiered though, this has changed greatly. People have started to perceive her in a negative light and this seems to be spreading all over social media.

Could this show damage everything she built up for herself?

Gogo Skhotheni aka Tumi started her show in quite the high note. She told us from the onset that her ancestors want her to marry another man. It was controversial sure, but the way she went about it was worse. She made sure to force it onto her partner and viewers disapproved immediately.

The show has continued on this path and it keeps alienating those who once loved Tumi. I can understand why this would be the case. When reality shows are made, I'm sure that they are scripted. But her show looks more and more unbelievable each week. That kind of thing does not build up trust.

People were sharing their opinions on Gogo Skhotheni and how things have changed.

One disappointed user wrote, "I really thought Skhotheni was a rare breed, humble. Kante cha (But no)! This show is damaging her reputation. #GogoSkhotheni"

While another user wrote, "#gogoskhotheni should have just stayed on Facebook, manje she is ruining her reputation and people are loosing the respect they had for her, kahle kahle (actually) reality shows aren't a good idea at all"

A final user wrote, "This show clearly ruined gogo Skhotheni image, I refuse to believe this is really her, this is totally scripted. There's no way she can do this to Monde #gogoskhotheni"

People are starting to prove that no likes fake reality television. The real Tumi is someone that they cannot confirm anymore, all they see is a woman undermining a man who loves her on national TV. I'm unsure if she will survive this with her reputation unscathed but for her own sake, she better not be given another season.

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Source: Gogo Skhotheni on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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