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Another Blesser Took OVER And BOUGHT Her A Luxurious Mansion - SEE HOW It HAPPENED

It's amazing how things can change out of a blue to be sower, when love takes over you turn to forget those one-day things can turn upside down and lose It all In a twinkle of an eye.

Don't take for granted people just because you have everything you need and you live an expensive life. All that can vanish and you left with nothing this Is the world "RESPECT IS VITAL" If your things can go away don't ever think that people are Involved where they didn't Involve in the first place.

Her story of love didn't sit well with many people but she was drunk In love and she decided to end the relationship she has with her *BLESSER* and the Man he's allegedly known by a well known Businessman. He didn't think twice as soon she said what she said he then went out and came with TLB to demolished the House and that went on Viral so fast.

Though we may not fully understand what she went through she was deeply hurting big time after the Incident took place and she acted so strong. She even went back after her house was down to take a few pictures and post them on FACEBOOK and that caused a stir.

It's Unbelievable to see what her TOY did and she got a big mansion after her BLESSER Ex her, someone came Into her life and turn the situation again. Hopefully this time around she won't mess and turn to assume that she Is bewitched, but It was her mouth that caused her to lose whatever she has.

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Source: Facebook

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