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6 Of The Richest Kids In The World Who Made It On Their Own

With the changing globe, we now live in a period where wealth and success are no longer determined by age and experience, as they once were.

We've seen children as young as two years old become billionaires, which indicates that a lot has changed in our world. In today's piece, we'll look at several famous children who are thought to be among the world's wealthiest.

When it comes to wealth, there are some who were born into wealthy families and therefore became wealthy, as well as those who built their own fortunes and have nothing to do with inheritance.

Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, is an excellent example of a child from a wealthy family. Her net worth is currently $ 1 billion, making her one of the world's wealthiest people. Today, though, we're going to look at some of the youngsters who have made their own money through inventions, abilities, or jobs, and we hope you enjoy it.

1. Anastasia Radzinskaya

She is a youtuber that was born in Russia.

After her YouTube channel, she became known as Natsya on the internet. Her YouTube channel is dedicated solely to children's and toy-related content, and she has a large global following. She earns $ 18 million a year from her 190 million followers.

2. Ryan Ryan

Ryan, who is nine years old, is one of the wealthiest children in the world because to his YouTube channel. Channel, a toy enthusiast, once begged his parents to create a toy-related YouTube channel for him. Many people were initially uninterested, but after her mother filmed her playing with over 100 toys, the video went viral, and the 9-year-career old's took off. When it comes to millennials, he even owns the world record for having the most subscribers. He can earn up to $30 million every year.

3. David Morris

David Morris began uploading music videos to YouTube when he was just seven years old. He would do remixes of popular songs rather than the originals. He received billions of views within a few years. His net worth is estimated to be at $ 3 million.

4. Alina Morse

Alina founded Zolli Candy Company when she was nine years old. The business makes sugar-free candy. By studying YouTube videos after his father told her that candy ruins teeth, she came up with the concept of making one that is sugar-free. She even meets with retailers from all over the world. Her company earns her almost $6 million every year.

5. Nick D'Aloisio

Nick created the iPhone app Summly when he was 15 years old. Normally, the app was used for news and articles. For $ 20 million, he sold the app to Yahoo. Over a million people had downloaded it before Yahoo took it down after purchasing it from him.

6. Evan

Evan and his father made a simple recording with some 'Angry Birds' toys. They had no intention of showing it to many people, only close family, yet the video became viral. Evan currently makes around $1.5 million each year as a youtuber.

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