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Will MaNtuli accepts Clement for who he is or not?Skeem Saam [Opinion]


Skeem Saam keeps on raising the bar of being relevant.With the recent story line it touches a lot of people.The writers and producers of the Telenovela are indeed doing a good work and not forgetting the actors and actresses who brings the script into life and makes it more relatable.

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From Pretty being pregnant and chose to abort the child having MaNtuli who was against the idea as a mother .MaNtuli stands for the older generation who do not understand how the current generation does things.Which becomes a barrier when these two generations are trying to communicate.MaNtuli believes in taking decisions for her children and them abiding with those decisions.However her children as they are the younger generation, who are exposed in a lot of things and have more knowledge and choices that they can choose from.Makes things difficult for a tenacious person like MaNtuli.

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A lot young girls like Pretty have found themselves with unwanted pregnancies and some did abortions at illegal clinics.However the writers of this telenovela showed that the are legal clinic were one’s life is safe and taken care off.Life is about choices no one should be forced to do something they do not want to do.

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On Yesterday’s episode they have touched another sensitive and relevant issue of suicide when Clement decided to take pills as a way of committing Suicide.With all that he is facing and having a grandmother like MaNtuli who is old school and says everything she wants with out thinking of the consequences of her words.

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Even though Clement is blessed to have parents who have accepted him for who he is ,but to him his grandmother’s words matters the most as he is staying with her.Now the main question is will MaNtuli accept Clement for who he is or will she try to change Him?

Please let me know on what you think will happen by leaving your comment below.

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