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Sizwe Dhlomo Fires back at Unathi Nkayi by Releasing Audio of Argument and Emails

The public aftermath between media characters Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi is a long way from being done. 

In the most recent turn of events, Sizwe hit back at Unathi by sharing email strings and sound accounts from what unfolded among them that prompted Unathi's chopping out at Kaya 959. 

Sizwe's move comes after Unathi ended her quietness last week, hammering claims that orientation-based savagery had a say in her unexpected excusal from the radio broadcast. 

In a video she posted on Instagram, Unathi said that she has been hushed by the radio broadcast. 

"The main matter I will address since I am the topic of GBV that continues to come up. 

"This all began when Sizwe made reference to GBV in South Africa in one of his many posts about me, yet GBV didn't have anything to do with the matter, I never affirmed whenever that Sizwe submitted any demonstration of gender-based brutality against me, Sizwe knows this, Kaya 959 knows this," she said. 

The star said that when Sizwe offered the remarks she felt constrained to shout out. "For the record, Sizwe and I both submitted recorded as a hard copy charges against one another. 

"Some established and some were viewed not as, from the two of us. I have given the matter against Kaya to deal with legitimately. "All things considered, Sizwe and I are not companions," she said. 

Taking to Twitter, Sizwe said that he was "going to release this". "I planned to release this since I felt that she had sufficiently experienced. 

"Be that as it may, I am presently left with no decision except for to open the degree to which she has lied and seek after additional legitimate activity. I disdain that it needs to result in these present circumstances," he tweeted. 

He then, at that point, shared sound accounts and messages to authenticate his side of the story and said he would seek after lawful activity against Unathi.


Sizwe Dhlomo fires back at Unathi Nkayi by releasing audio of argument and emails (

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