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Famous kids who ruined their careers.

It's not easy to be a kid star in Hollywood; you can't get away from the limelight, and your parents will have complete control over your riches. You won't be able to appreciate some of the simple activities that most children get to do on a daily basis. 

We're going to talk about notable kids who had a bad influence on their future careers. When these children were little, they became household names, but what happened to them over the years? From blockbuster films such as Home Alone to significant star names such as Will Smith, there is something for everyone. 

For some well-known children, the strain became too much, and they began to spiral out of their control. What went wrong, and how did it happen? And what exactly are they doing with their lives right now? We're about to find out for sure. 


Even though he has worked as an actor and a rapper, many people consider him to be a left-leaning individual. He is the son of Will Smith, one of the most well-known and loved actors in Hollywood. Jaden has always been destined for greatness, and for a little period, we believed he had arrived. 

Due to his portrayal as Christoper and the quest of happiness in 2006's The Pursuit of Happiness, in which he appeared with his father, we fell in love with young Jaden as well. After appearing in The Karate Kid, he went on to play Dre Parker in the film The Karate Kid. Our hearts melted as the pair battled poverty and homelessness. But then he decided to abandon his adorable childhood job and pursue a career in music. 


You're thinking of the boy who was the strongest boy on the planet. This youngster, whose real name is Richard Sandra, became a celebrity when he was a child. Richard was bench pressing 210 pounds when he was eight years old, despite the fact that he weighed only 80 pounds himself. People commonly referred to him as "Little Hercules" because of his diminutive stature. 

Due to his incredible physical strength as an 11-year-old youngster, it's no surprise that a documentary dubbed him "the world's strongest boy." Richard, on the other hand, is no longer distinguishable due to the absence of Mr. Muscles. He is currently employed as a stuntman at Universal Studios Hollywood, and he aspires to work as an engineer in the future. 


We may say that Culkin is the most well-known child in the world. At the age of four, the home-alone actor had his first taste of the entertainment industry. After starring in the film Home Alone, he became well-known. Since he had risen to become the most well-known and highest-paid actor of his generation, he was far more likely than ever before to harm rather than help his own reputation, and that is exactly what happened.

He couldn't withstand the pressure from his parents. A short time later, he was detained on suspicion of possessing illegal narcotics. 

Being a young celebrity, especially when there is so much pressure from family, is not an easy thing to do. 

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