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"If Biblical Figures Were Black", Artist Turned Bible Figures Into Lovely Black People. See Photos.

The bible is the most important tangible subject in Christianity, through it people learn more about the history of humanity, prophesies and some life lessons.

Well I personally am not a person who is familiar with the bible but I have heard some theories made by people about the race of the figures we do read about in the bible. The theories led to a creative genius Negras Melodias to recreate bible figures into black people, trying to reprogram the mentality of the fellow people on how they view different people stated on the bible.

John The Baptist.

Mary and Joseph.

Apostle Thomas.

Elijah The Prophet.



King Solomon.

King David.






I personally feel like the user created these figures in such a way that my perspective was changed, literally!

What are your thoughts on these fellow biblical figures converted into black people by the mentioned user?

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Delilah Elijah The Prophet King Solomon Lovely Negras Melodias


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