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Opinion: How Nonhle Thema ruined her career

Nonhle Thema was the biggest celebrity in South Africa when she destroyed her career over a drunken social media tirade that led to her contracts with most of her sponsors and employers falling through including the big R10 million contract with Soft Sheen Carson.

Nonhle bragged about the contract and went on to call Y FM DJs broke. She also went after rapper Sean Pages who had absolutely no clout and whose cousin (equally unclouted) Morale, ended up releasing a diss song against her. Morale even said that any man can get Nonhle with a bag of cocaine. What added to this accusations was the fact Nonhle was known to be dating another cloutless rapper, Young Nucho who is famous for resembling Lil Wayne and for being beaten by Wayne's bodyguards after pretending to be the rapper at a club Wayne was supposed to be visiting.

What exactly made Nonhle go on this tirade is beyond any of us. Nonhle was a golden girl. She had her break in the early 20s, being a presenter on Take 5 before being one of the flagship presenters on Channel O. Nonhle was the presenter for O Access, where she interviewed international music stars like Ludacris and Nelly.

Her success on the show led her to have her own show on Channel O, which saw her move to America to try to make it big. Nonhle was our golden girl and we were proud of her.

In America, she got to audition for actor and comedian, Brian Hooks: she sucked, big time. It was a cringe moment to see someone fail an audition like that. Nonhle never quite made it in America and came back.

Then one day she went crazy, bat crazy. She went on social media to call Minnie Dlamini a drunkard, to refuse to be compared to upcoming presenter, Bonang, saying she found it disrespectful to be compared to people who rented houses when she bought hers for R 2 million. Nonhle was dropped from being the face of Channel O and her lucrative contract with Soft Sheen Carson.

She reflected about that time in an interview with Anele Mdoda:

" I was always pushed, and it was by accident. I never pushed for it. Things used to always happen in my life. I never asked for fame. I just wanted to do what I loved".

Nonhle said she was not ready to be the face of Channel O and that she was more of a brand than a person. She said her fame and career had become her whole life to the point where she refused criticism. This led her to her Twitter rants.

"I lost a lot of money, It's fine. I lost a lot things, it's fine. But you know what, I gained a lot of things. I got to know who Nonhle really is. I am now a human being. I am humbled because I know what life is now. I know that life is not living in America and interviewing 50 cent because there was a time when I thought that was life.

Nonhle is currently retired from the industry and runs a celebrity training academy.

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