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BBMzansi: Viewers are tired of Tulz actions

Tulz is too relaxed in that house..klowo mzuzu he doesn't even have many fans...he thinks this 2million is already his..boy just wait till you are Nominated and you go know what's what. 😂

#BBMzanzi @BBMzansi when are they going to do their acting once and for all, Tulz wa karhalisa... Cut cut all the time. They are running out of Time, yet they’re busy with Laundry and cooking clearly they not serious laba Tulz is changing script not and then .. I wish them nothing but Luck ..#BBMzansi

They will end up forgetting lines kunin cut, cut, Tulz u doing a good job in directing kodwa Hai let's continue #BBMzansi. At this point I assume everyone knows their lines, because Tulz doesn't want to let this scene play out 😣 This scene was great now it keeps on changing for the worst 🙆 #BBMzansi

Tulz the will take one hours in one scene the will be tired when came to the real performance. #BBMzansi Bathong Tulz... Again. Aowa these ppl are going to be burned out by the time they have to do the actual performance.

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