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Husband and wife relationship

Husband left stranded with 5kids after his father-in-law takes back his daughter over Lobola balance

Sad, Husband left stranded with 5kids after his father in-law takes back his daughter over bride price balance

The issue of Lobola is a very serious issue in Africa. Black parents do not take this thing ordinarily, it is one of the thing that is valued between in-laws. It is one of the thing that makes the sons-in-law to be the favorites or prove their worthy. There are those that are not too much into money, they would love their son-in-laws whether they have or they don't have, but in this instance it is something else. It could be that the father is broke, now he has remembered every one who owes him. This could be including the son-in-law who didn't finish paying Lobola.

He has decided to be harsh, leave his grandchildren without the mother, just because their father who didn't finish paying the bride price. So if he has taken his daughter what about his grandkids? His love must also be balancing between the daughter and the grandkids. The pain of the daughter is also going to be worse, living away from her own kids. It is not just about the husband, but what about the children, as we know how mothers are attached to their own children.

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