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Remember SARAFINA? Here's How The Cast Looks Now, 30 Years Later.

In spite of the way that it has been quite a while since Sarafina was conveyed, till this day its maybe of the best South African creation that we can ceaselessly be satisfied with.

Certain people presumably will not notice June 16 yet movies like SARAFINA shine a marvelous light into our rich Youth history. This exquisite creation was made by Mbongeni Ngema and its possibly established on what happened in 16 June 1976 going before Nelson Mandela was let out of prison.

Sarafina which was conveyed in 1992, got our hearts since it shows the intensity and strength it took for young school students to disagree for what is right and it gets hopeless to watch the Police seriously killing energetic lives. So despite the way that time has forged ahead, we can constantly recollect those courageous students who combat for the opportunities we meddle with so these days.

So could we go through a universe of affectionate recollections and remember the incredible creation we will continue to search for 30 extra years to come.

This Is The way The Cast Of Sarafina Looks Like Now:

Leleti Khumalo as SARAFINA

Whoopi Goldberg as MARY MASEMBUKO

Mariam Makeba as ANGELINA

John Kani - School Principal

Dumisani Dlamini as CROCODILE

Mbongeni Ngema as SABELA

Somizi Mhlongo as FIRE

Sipho Kunene as GUITAR

Khanyo Maphumulo - DANCER!_(film)&ved=2ahUKEwirze2mlrL4AhWGLsAKHc0JCIUQFnoECEcQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2-6TwMYyrLEjy_arLbqCCv

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