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PICS: Zodwa WaBantu Shows Off New Bae – (See Pictures)



Zodwa WaBantu is in love with her new Ben 10, Olefile Mpudi.

This new couple has been causing a stir on social media lately with their adorable pictures, and many people seem to be enjoying the content so far.

Zodwa WaBantu had shared some pictures of them looking all cosy in their bed. Both of them have been sharing pictures of them together on their social media platforms.

Olefile has posted their pictures together on one of his social media accounts and captioned: "Love can never be bought for it is to be learnt. Love can never be bought for it is to be given." He also mentioned that love can never be too old for it lives to last a lifetime. This proves that Zodwa's relationship with new Ben 10 is going well and these two couldn't be happier together.

One thing we know for sure about Zodwa WaBantu is that, she's always open about her relationships with her Ben 10s regardless of other people's comments or opinions.

Her first relationship with Vusi Buthelezi did not end well. She also made her relationship with Vusi public and it ended badly. Zodwa was heartbroken and started making threats against Vusi telling him that she's going to visit a Sangoma and teach him a lesson he will never forget. She told him that this time around he messed with the wrong woman.

Without wasting any time, Zodwa WaBantu decided to move on and find herself a second Ben 10 Nontobeko. Things did not go as planned after they got engaged. It ended in tears.

Zodwa prefers dating younger men because she does not want to be with someone who controls her or expects her to be at home cooking and washing. She wants young men that are adventurous, outgoing, ambitious, and have their dreams ahead of them.


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