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Twitter reacts to a lady who said she can't be seen with a guy wearing Relay Jeans. See Comments

I used to think that miracles have ended during those times of Moses and Jesus christ but what this girl did will even suprise you.

She said on national tv that she can not be seen with a guy who wears Relay Jeans but when we look at her she may be needing that relay in her life.

She really lost me when she said she doesn’t want someone studying education cause she doesn’t want her kids coming home to a school principal.

The guy with relay doesn’t wana be seen with girl that wear pumps. Those don't even look like pumps, she's practically standing right next to them.

Let us judge her the same way she's judging the ridiculous Relay Jeans.

Third Law: Equal & Opposite.

Imagine wearing a Diesel jeans with someone wearing pumps like that.

Is she aware that one Relay jean which is R499 can buy a black trash plastic full of these pumps she's wearing?

This chick embarrassed herself!! I felt so ashamed that she's from Limpopo. . I swear I was very ashamed hearing the things she said about clothes. Really!? She probably heard another female saying that.

A majority of hateful, judgmental and jealous people are actually poor mentally, spiritually and financially.

They think this word revolves around them.

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