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Stephani and Hungani say they did not think marriage was this hard || They share more details.

Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows who are popularly known from acting at Scandal Etv, as Romeo Medupi and Ingrid respectively. The two met on set and Stephanie who was the then resident executive director fell in love with Hungani, who came for an audition.

The two have left scandal during 2020 during the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and during the time, that is when they began their YouTube channel. Their channel shared details about their marriage, how it started and now, what problems they are facing. The Ndlovus uploaded a video in which they shared their marriage problems so far.

Shockily the two admitted to having problems in just 3 months of their marriage. They shared that they disagreed a lot about everything small or big thing which made things hard. Hungani and Steph said a lot of the problems that they faced and are still going through was because of their past experiences and how they grew up.

Hungani shared that he went to boarding school and hence he always had to look out and live by himself. He says now having to share a space with Steph is quite hard. Stephanie said that her awful past relationships caused her a lot of insecurities and now affects their marriage.

She shared that she is learning to break off her walls and allow Hungani to also have a say and Hungani says he is learning to love Stephanie the way that she wants to be loved. The went to pre marriage counselling and said they are still undergoing therapy which helps them a lot.

Their hardship stories inspire a lot of people and give people a clear view of what marriage might look like. People can learn a thing or two from them and they also recommended couples therapy for people who would want to get married.


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