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A man recently revealed his hatred for Moja Love for black peoples problems into entertainment.

There has been so many complaints when it comes to Moja Love channel and what it showcases on daily basis. The channel has also been making entertainment out of black people's problems for quite some time and there are those who don't see a single problem with whatever that is being showed on the channel. 

Even though people have been showing so much concern towards the content shared on the channel, there are has not been any changes so far. A man recently shared his hatred for the Moja Love channel and the content they share on television. On his post, he mentioned:

"I personally hate MojaLove for turning black people’s problems into general entertainment whilst doing next to nothing in terms of providing guidance and counseling". Many other people revealed their concerns as well and this has really shown that a lot of people are not really happy with their content but there's absolutely nothing they can do to about it. 

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