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A look at The River’s actress Sindi ‘Lindiwe’ Dlathu’s business empire


She's filthy rich, Sindi Dlathu `Lindiwe` from The River business empire leaves a lot to be desired. Dlathu is popularly known as Thandaza Mokoena from her masterclass in Muvhango, Sindi Dlathu, who plays Lindiwe in The River. 

She is one of the most decorated South African actresses. What is interesting, however, is the fact that she also works as a musician. 

Born on January 4, 1974 in Meadowlands, Gauteng Province. Sindi left the SABC drama Muvhango in 2018 and joined 1 Magic The River.

On the river, she has enjoyed her fair share of successes. A few months ago she was honored with the role of director as a token of appreciation for her unmatched talent. 

On DStvs 1 Magic Soap Opera The River she plays Lindiwe Dikana. She played her first acting role after landing a role in Sarafina, a drama that will forever remain in the history books of South Africa, but the world over.

However, the multi-award winner recently added several awards to her cabinet this year after winning Mzansi's Favorite Actress at the 2020 DStv Mzansi viewers Choice Awards.

Sindi is one of the most experienced actresses in the film industry, lo which makes her one of the most expensive actresses in the world. 

She spent almost two decades as part of the Muvhango cast before resigning in 2018. She is one of the richest actresses in South Africa. Sometimes it is a shock to see your cute actress transform into a cunning, evil and vicious character. 

In a sense, it is a matter of "love and hate" as you continue to discover the new evil of your person on the screen. Well, so are brilliant actors, and they fit into anything at any time. Lindiwe takes home between 85,000 and 95,000 rand a month. 

However, given his salary, Mzansi asked some questions about his secondary activity. The actress has an estimated net worth of $ 4.5 million. Well, like its predecessors, it has a worthwhile sideline. 

Sindi Dlathu has a business interest in real estate. In addition to his real estate business, he owns a handful of apartments in the wealthiest suburbs of Gauteng province. 

Sindi also invested in transportation and logistics. Side jobs are rumored to add more to her net worth than acting. However, you also receive large amounts of paid advertisements and advertising contracts.

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