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Opinion: "NCA owes Fans a follow-up interview Rakgadi got interrupted before she could finish her speech"

Black said that eNCA owes them a follow up interview with Rakgadi as She got interrupted before she could finish her speech.Rakgadi needs to go live on IG and say what's on her chest. Someone should create a YouTube channel for Rakgadi so she can give fans the full story.

On a serious note, why was she censored and ganged up on? She had a right to express herself. Or else @MojaLoveTv can really do something. Fans mean sneaking Rakgadi at mamazala or something.

Rakgadi now that u dragged us into this, we'll have a comment. Her actions are shameful and that clearly shows how patriarchy is still deep in our society. Fellow members of Public, should NOT be surprised if it turns out that the husband has fathered kid/s outside the marriage.

However fans think that There's nothing wrong with cheating or fathering kids outside marriage or getting pregnant by someone not your husband. Bringing a side chick or side man in the bedroom you share with your spouse that's some unacceptable, and further think that Rakgadi did well.

Because if you do it in a house you share and raise your kids in shows how much you do not value them. Love fades and ego take up but they must never be where your kids stay unless you hate them to.

There's a reason why a man cheat and a reason why a woman cheat and the 2 know it, it's there issue to sort out but there's absolutely no reason to bring a side piece in a home you share with your kids or ancestors if you believe in ancestors. never lose respect for your kids.

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