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3 US Rappers Who Chose Going To Prison Instead of Leaking Their Gang's Secrets To The FBI

One of the major factors leading many foreign artists, especially American musicians, is their belief that capturing or releasing events for your band, your organization, or your band for security forces, is something that many are frustrated with.

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 That is why I will not tire you out with words because I am going straight; Below are 3 US rapists who allegedly chose prison instead of revealing their group's secrets to the FBI

 1. John Forte:

 John Forte is known as one of America's leading live rap artists; he is known for having a great track record in the Rap music industry.

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 But in the end, he was arrested by some FBI agents in 2001 after he was caught receiving a suitcase of cocaine (over $ 1.4 Million) at Newark International Airport.

 Found guilty of intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to distribute the drug; was sentenced to at least 14 years in state prison at FCI Loretto in Pennsylvania.

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 He later revealed in an interview that the FBI had tried to force him to disclose the names of his drug suppliers so that his sentence could be shortened; but he refused to do so, saying that he was not a disgraceful person.

 John Forte was later sentenced to six years in prison until a close friend, Carly Simon, and an American politician, Senator Orrin Hatch, pleaded guilty, saying it was his first offense (John).

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 In addition, Forte was finally released from prison four weeks after President George W. Bush's ruling on November 24, 2008.

 2. Mysonne:

 In the late 1990s, Mysonne rose to prominence as one of the most active singers in the US.

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 He was recognized as a child and was supervised by rap rap heavyweight champion Chris Lighty, who recorded him on his album, and eventually helped the artist to appear on two Hip Hop all-Violator collection stars including "Album in 1999". and the song "You Can't Stop Me."

 Just one week before the album is to be released, he is charged with felony criminal mischief for driving two drivers in his hometown.

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 A Bronx Supreme Court judge found him guilty on August 2, 1999, after Mysonne pleaded guilty to a second trial in March 1998. Mysonne finally received seven years in prison on both charges (refusing to name the original offender). who spent 50 years in prison.

 It is important to note that Mysonne is still innocent until now and has refused to release the names of the men who believe we are the culprits that led to her imprisonment by the FBI.

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 3. Bobby Shmurda:

 Anyone who has listened to the song, "Hot Nigga" by Bobby Shmurda can attest that this rapper is a living legend.

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 The rapper explained in an interview that Shmurda in his name meant that killers and witnesses of crimes had to follow unwritten rules that were "silent and not".

 Bobby Shmurda was eventually arrested by the FBI and charged with conspiracy to commit conspiracy, as well as possession of an unlicensed firearm.

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 He was also found to be a senior member of the "GS9 group" in Brooklyn, which is involved in drug trafficking, as well as covert killings and shootings.

 The well-known rapper has been known to refuse to work as an FBI agent by revealing the secrets of gang members to government officials in exchange for a five-year prison sentence.

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 Finally, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for this; thus, he kept his mouth shut until the end of his sentence.

 What is your opinion? I would like to see your comments in the comments section let's talk more about it.

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