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Opinion: Insect cartoon that looks like Jack Mabaso from Generations

Bug's life movie

Dave Foley as Flik, an inventive, but mostly accident-prone, ant. Kevin Spacey as Hopper, the ruthless leader of the grasshopper gang. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Princess Atta, the soon-to-be queen of the colony.Cartoon movie industries are using the images of real people to make their own cartoon characters and most of them they take the images of other celebrities around the world. Now you may not see the similarities of jack and Hopper, but if you are really a fan of generations and you know Jack Mabaso, then watch the movie of bug's life you will see the grasshopper that looks like jack and their characters are just the same. And not only jack who has a cartoonist twice, but even other cartoons movies you know their images are coming from real people. Look at the following pictures

And this are not only the images of real people who has cartoon twice, they are still many. Some people are aware of it and are even the ones who are playing the voice of those cartoons in the movie and were drawn by their own images. But others are not aware of that!

Worried that you should have had a twice? Then start paying attention to cartoon movies you might find your twice!

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