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Eunice From #SkeemSaam Blew R1.7 Million. Check Out How Much She's Left In Her Account

Eunice From #SkeemSaam Blew R1.7 Million. Check Out How Much She's Left In Her Account 

Source: Hashtag #SkeemSaam twitter page and SABC1

Eunice no longer have money. She is left with R134 out of R1.4 million she score from Fanie. Skeem Saam’s current storyline is a hit among viewers. Eunice has been on a spending money since she inherited a millions from her late boyfriend, Fanie Maseremule. It's sad that she did not do anything before she becomes bankrupt. SkeemSaam have really gave Eunice her breathrough we now know how good an actress she is. Viewers just love how they give everyone a chance to prove themselves, everyone is a lead actor/actress.

But if we are being honest, Eunice was robbed. She didn't necessarily fail even though she did blow that money. The way Kgosi jumped of the bed to help Ash with lifting Eunice. I hope we all have learned Something from this Eunice Storyline. Deep down SkeemSaam is trying to show us what the government is doing with our Taxes...Eunice is the government. All those things Eunice wasted money on amounts above 1.7 million. #SkeemSaam writers could have said she got atleast 10 million, they are fooling us now.

She has spent more than R1.3m now cz the 400k was for the guy who cracked the code and helped her get her money.. everyday she transfers at least 100k. SkeemSaam viewers wish they had a money like Eunice. Imagine having a million that remains a million no matter how much you waste it. That money doesn't run out.

No more Eunice treating people like peasants. Atleast mr Nkadimeng will learn to respect people. But its too soon. Eunice has a heart of gold and a lot of trust & that’s when you attract scumbags like Kgosi (Tsotsi) & Ash!

I wonder what's going to happen with Eunice now. We are impatient for tomorrow's episode.

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