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Here Is The Picture Of A Lady Who Got Splashed With Petrol And Set Alight By Her Boyfriend. (Watch)

Here Is The Picture Of A Lady Who Got Splashed With Petrol And Set Alight By Her Boyfriend

It sad that each day woman are being killed. It seems like they don't have a power to defend themselves against men's who are domestic violence. Woman are being killed and they left their kids to struggle while he is living beautiful life. We recently come to term about a man who recently got arrested months back after killing his own girlfriend. This is a horrible news to the family and the rest of the country and such man should be arrested and lock in jail for what he did.

A man who have been accused of pouring petrol over his girlfriend and setting her alight has been arrested and he has been taken to the custody. The man who killed his girlfriend has been arrested four months back.

According to News24, 40 years old woman Jacqueline Mpontsana, died last years September 2021 after he's boyfriend find her lying in a couch in her boyfriend's place in Gugulethu when he poured petrol and set alight. The suspect was in a rum until he was arrested four months back.

The woman died weeks after just she celebrated her 40-year-old birthday. She died after suffering several juries at the hospital. It was said that it's not the first time Mpontsana, who had revived the relationship two days prior, had been attacked and a nephew and an auntie had attempted to intercede this time, News24 announced. Her family has been having difficulty in coming to dea with such horrific manner in which lander her life to death. The existences of youngsters were imperiled when they needed to separate ways to escape from the resulting burst in their home.

Thank you for reading this article, don't forget to send condolences to the family.

May her soul continue to rest in peace.

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