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Check Mzansi's Reaction After These Guys Went Live On TikTok Wearing Orange Overalls.

Date || 23 November 2021

Source || Twitter


Nowadays since a lot of random stuff happen around us, we have, therefore, gotten ourselves so used to seeing them that they don't even shock us anymore. We just mind our business and keep it going. 

However, it seems like some things are just too crazy to leave alone and keep it going. This is because some things are just hard to understand why and how they are happening that, we end up asking ourselves a lot of questions based on them. Most recently, two guys went live on a popular social media platform named TikTok. On the live video, you can see the two guys wearing orange overalls and chilling in the room that almost looks like a prison cell. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Next to them you can see a small box showing a woman's face and it seems that woman was on the live video with those two guys. Many people were shocked at what the guys were wearing and the space that they seem to be at during the live call. These people hope that the guys are actually not in prison as it wouldn't make sense how they got access to a phone and, internet connection in order for them to go on TikTok. 

Photo credit: Twitter

This stunned a lot of people as they couldn't actually believe what they were seeing. Many were asking where are these guys live from because as I have mentioned above, if they are live from prison then that would just be something else. Some were even asking if the guys are identical twins because they looked quite similar in terms of their appearance. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Here's more of what people had to say about this whole matter:

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

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