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OPINION# Jub-Jub don't take REJECTION well, see what he did after he got rejected

It's clear that Jub-Jub's interview with MacG didn't only get him into trouble with Amanda and it not only did it evoke memories that all the women who have accused him raping them, were planning of burying them and never talk about , but he also revealed the kind of a person he is to his fans.

Jub-Jub's interview wasn't about him but about other people, all he did was to drag people's names through the mud, he called out Kelly Khumalo and accused her of using Muti and being responsible for his break up with Amanda.

He also threw insults on one of the artists and looked down on his voice, just because he didn't want to collaborate with him on his "Ndikhokhele" remix song.

That shows the kind of a man he is, he can't take rejection well, for him being declined becomes personal.

"Anyone who watched podcast and Chill, the Jub-Jub episode, can tell that Jub-Jub is a narcissist. It doesn't need a psychiatrist to come to that conclusion. He can't cope with rejection and this is demonstrated by how he spoke about Something Soweto and other's who said no to him", one tweeted

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