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"This" is why King Misuzulu had to kill a lion and why his kraal entering ceremony is important

Following his killing of a lion this week, King Misuzulu KaZwelithini, is set to enter the kraal this end of the week as a feature of his climb to the lofty position.

IOL has been providing details regarding different occasions occurring at the KwaKhangelamankengane Palace in Nongoma which are set to come full circle with the entering of the kraal on Saturday.

IOL writer, Sihle Mavuso on Thursday detailed that the King conveyed the lion to the royal residence following his chase at the Mkuze Falls Game Reserve.

Mavuso announced that King Misuzulu will wear the lion's skin on Saturday when he enters the holy kraal, the last conventional custom before his royal celebration as the Zulu King in Durban one month from now.

IOL addressed University of KwaZulu-Natal intellectual and social master, Dr Gugu Mazibuko, on the meaning of the lion killing and entering of the kraal.

"It is vital for the King to kill a lion before his royal celebration in light of the fact that the King is constantly alluded to as an 'Ingonyama' or 'Isilo' which actually imply 'lion'. So he needs to kill a lion and return with the lion as it represents his power and his significance," Mazibuko made sense of.

She said the entering of the kraal is huge as in the lord is acquainted by imperial family elderly folks with the country's precursors, to the late King and furthermore he promises his administration to the country.

"The country will likewise promise to be under the King's authority and he will likewise vow to the Amabhuto and they will vow to be essential for his life. Each Zulu King is constantly encircled by Amabutho," Mazibuko said.

This is a critical service which is joined by hallowed ceremonies that have been led for a whole week as the King has been planning for his crowning ordinance and different consecrated customs have been performed.

"On Saturday, the King will enter the kraal in the most heavenly spot of the kraal where this presentation and the specific ceremonies will be performed. He is as of now on the lofty position yet after that he will actually want to officially start crafted by the Zulu country," she said.

Mazibuko said when the King returned, a white bull was butchered and the skin will be utilized to make his safeguard which he will convey all through his rule.

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