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Sk Khoza has done it again, a sexually explicit video of him goes viral on Twitter

Sk Khoza is a an actor who was once known for just his craft and being handsome. This all changed the last few years as it had been scandal after scandal. Truly there are no boundaries that SK won't cross and the latest one is just... implicitly wrong.

A video of himself and an unknown woman had him trending on twitter

It is unclear exactly why this video was recorded and then uploaded onto Twitter but somehow it was and had gotten people talking. It is quite the scandal but I suppose anything sexual is seen as a little taboo in today's society.

Sk has since posted his OnlyFans details to his Instagram account in response to the video being shared. He is clearly not someone who cares what people think.

Social Media Reponse

People couldn't act surprised about this turn of events

One user compared him to his brother and wrote, "SK Khoza and his brother Abdulare in the same industry, yet he is the only one that keeps making headlines for the wrong reasons 💀Take him to Mhlabuyalingana😭"

While another user wrote, "Sk khoza is ruining his acting career. Not effortlessly, he is definitely putting in A LOT OF EFFORT in making sure ut ends. This guy is forever trending for all the wrong reasons he keeps embarrassing Abdul and the rest of his family."

A final user asked, "Will SK Khoza get any acting gigs after this or it's RIP to his acting career?🤔😒"

For me, this a seems like a cry for help. It seems like the unraveling of a person and we can joke all we want but it is actually quite concerning. With this new move I doubt he'll be able to return to mainstream media.

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