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Gugu Gumede also known as Mamlambo allegedly leaves Uzalo for politics

Famously known for her role name or stage Mamlambo Gugu Gumede from Uzalo has publicly announced that she is voluntarily leaving the mzansi Famous soapie and has also exclaimed that she will soon be venturing into full time politics to sustain her mother's dream of politics movement

We all know that she is rarely stated for some time in Uzalo November teasers we hardly see her which clearly outlines it for us that it is imminent to depart soon. We don't really know yet if this exit is temporary or will permanent

The kidnap of the baby was all just a plot to setthe perfect exit for Mamlambo’s exit as she is most likely to end up behind bars. Meanwhile it will be the popular gossip league of Madongwe and her alleged friend who will reveal her secrets

Aprt form the attempts to try and hide the truth the rumours still run on and goes to MaMlambo in her house prepared to aet action

the police decetives role and delayed stay in their welcome. She called her phone number just to try and prove if she truly had hidden a crying baby tone In it.

The unknown baby will spoil the two to report the matter to the police

On a basic scale the whole thing is well presented it also spoils that her together with another lady will end up obviously in bars


Gugu Gumede (Mamlambo) allegedly leaves Uzalo for politics

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Gugu Gumede Madongwe Mamlambo


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