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Meet some of South Africa's most well-known female celebrities who serve as brand ambassadors

Mzansi and pop stars earn large sums of money through film roles and stadium tours, but lucrative sponsorship deals are generally their largest cash cows. These A-listers have commanded big sums to become brand ambassadors and stars in ad campaigns for luxury fashion brands and world-famous alcohol businesses. 

Celebrities are adored by the general populace. We watch them on social media and read about them in the news, and when we see them wearing or using a product, we want it too. That is why celebrity sponsorships are so lucrative — here are just a few of the most sought-after brand ambassadors at the moment. 

Modiadie Pearl 

Pearl Modiaide, a former Zaziwa radio host, has supported a number of products throughout the years. 

One of the products she will represent in 2020 is Optrex Eye Care. 

Not only that, but she recently announced a partnership with LG on Instagram, praising her new exquisite household appliances. 

She's currently promoting Elastoplast's newest product, and it's incredible to watch her handle everything. Queen, bravo! 

Strauss Jo-Ann 

This well-known media celebrity has been a BMW brand ambassador since we can remember. This brand endorsement deal is fantastic for her. 

She's used social media to advertise her auto company's relationships and promotions, as well as to offer thrilling prize giveaways that keep us on our toes. 

Her Instagram feed is littered with BMW posts, and we love seeing her fully integrated into the Beamer family. 

Ndamase Mihlali 

Mihlali Ndamase, a beauty influencer known for her cryptic tweets, is also a lady who is hell-bent on getting her hands on that bag. 

We've seen her advertise a variety of cosmetics throughout the years, and we have to admit that if Milhlali endorses it, we'll buy it.

When she just revealed a massive collaboration with Malfy Gin SA on Instagram, her fans were excited. 

We're not sure how long the cooperation will last, but it felt like a good fit with her material. 

Natasha Thahane 

Finally, there's Natasha Thahane, Garnier's face and one of Mzansi's finest actresses. 

Natasha's followers are pleased after the world's biggest skin care firm announced their partnership with her. 

Isn't it wonderful to be able to purchase a product that is endorsed by someone who looks like you, especially when it comes to skin care?


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