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Theft robbery

Anele Mdoda accuses Lasizwe of theft after he did this.

Individuals who lack confidence love to project their flaws onto others, and Anele appears to be someone who enjoys remarking on how people in groups look throughout the Kelly Rowland saga.Quite recently, Anele has been moved and disgraced for saying Kelly Rowland isn't as lovely as she would like to think. She was tormented by the tweeter for her savage conduct and it seems as if she doesn't learn. What did she come for?


Lasizwe, on the other hand, applauded so loudly that Anele had vanished in a blur of emotions.She ought to learn not to base her viewpoint on other people's looks. Lasizwe is known for shaking various hairdos that look like bombs on him. His fans are everlastingly advising women to take notes from Lasizwe's looks. He wears hairpieces that look lovely and very costly. One thing about Lasizwe is that he knows design and when he showers, he ensures. Well, it seems like this particular look, he most definitely took notes somewhere else, but not where Anele figures he did.


After Lasizwe posted an image of himself in a sway trim, Anele Mdoda came for himself and asked who sole the hairdo from who. "The angel who took whose hairdo between you and me" The Tweeter clients came for Anele, saying Lasizwe should better examine the haircut. However, Lasizwe likewise returned for his. He said, "Now I don't think about being my sister and us shaking the same hairdos' since my sister went back to Dubai," showing that Anele is the person who took the haircut from Khanyi Mbau. Khanyi, on her first round in Dubai, smacked the bounce cut yet in blonde. She looked like she was on fire in it, and we can't fault Anele for taking notes. Lasizwe, Anele and Khanyi are altogether delightful and this savagery was truly excessive. What could be the explanation?


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