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[OPINION] Pictures: Best Black Hollywood Actors

Hollywood has over the years brought us thrilling entertainment and continues to introduce us to best of the world's acting talent. In no particular order, here is my personal list of best black Hollywood actors.

Born in New Jersey is Taye Diggs who has starred in Equilibrium and The Best Man amongst others.

Wendell Pierce is next on my list having starred in movies like Ray and Twilight.

This list would certainly be incomplete if it did not feature the late, great Bernie Mac who appeared in the infamous Friday movies as well as Oceans' films.

California born Morris Chestnut has appeared many roles in popular movies such as Not Easily Broken, The Perfect Man and Boyz In The Hood.

Iconic Keith David who hails from Harlem in New York is a familiar face and even voice over artist.

The Fighting Temptations star Cuba Gooding Jr. also appeared in Jerry Maguire and What Dreams May Come.

Actor and singer Jamie Foxx is a worthy addition for his roles in movies like Dreamgirls, Annie and Django Unchained.

Although having starred in The Express and 42, the late Chadwick Boseman was best known for his lead role in Marvel's record-breaking movie, Black Panther.

Born in Georgia is Laurence Fishburne who starred in, amongst others, Man of Steel and The Matrix.

Another actor with whom without this list would certainly be incomplete is Washington born Samuel L. Jackson. He has appeared in way too many productions to list but The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Legend of Tarzan and The Avengers are worth a mention.

Living legend Morgan Freeman is another addition to the list with too many movie roles to mention. However, Driving Miss Daisy and Evan Almighty are examples of his amazing work.

Born in Mount Vernon, New York is Denzel Washington best known for his roles in the Book of Eli and Antwone Fisher.

Will Smith is up next and delivers stellar performances in movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend and Bad Boys.

Another living legend to make the list is The Butler actor, Forest Whitaker. He has also appeared in Black Panther and The Last King of Scotland to name a few.

Best known for portraying Madea, Tyler Perry makes it on to list for his roles in Good Deeds and Alex Cross.

Funny man Eddie Murphy has starred in movies like The Nutty Professor, Beverley Hills Cop and Coming To America.

Don Cheadle is arguably best known for his role in many of Marvel's Infinity Saga movies but also starred in Hotel Rwanda and Crash.

The eccentric Terrence Howard has also appeared in Marvel's Iron Man as well as The Best Man and its sequel, Best Man Holiday.

Another Friday actor is Chris Tucker but he has also starred in The Fifth Element and the Rush Hour trilogy.

Philadelphia born comedian Kevin Hart is up next and makes valuable contributions to movies such as The Upside, Think Like A Man and About Last Night.

Anthony Mackie appeared in some big Marvel titles but also starred in Million Dollar Baby and 8 Mile.

Popular with the ladies for his blue eyes is Michael Ealy who starred in films such as Think Like A Man, Seven Pounds and About Last Night.

Martin Lawrence also played a woman in Big Momma's House but starred in Bad Boys and Do The Right Thing to name a few.

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