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God's with me this is Heaven's EP

2 days ago J cole dropped a single titled Heaven's EP which is a blockbuster of a track.

"With every record I be asking the masses to tune your hearts to me, I represent intelligent n*ggas that grew up harshedly..." the first few lines in the song, Cole basically says that with every song he puts out his basically asking people (the world) to take his songs to heart. Pay a little attention, listen to this, it might touch your heart. The lyrical genius works a number on this song, having doubts and questioning himself on if he has anything to give in the hiphop game.

With his doubts and second guessing himself on having anything left to give due to him having everything he could ever wish for or dream of. From poverty to living the American dream, what more could he want. Ha sthe money changed him as he asks. Hearing people say his third behind Kendrick Lamar and Drake though his not losing sleep over that, what people don't realize is they are like idols to him for what they've done and achieved in the industry.

He goes on to basically say that hiphop flies through him like blood in his vains, he breathes hiphop and it lives through him.

If heaven's EP is anything to go by, no one should be counting Cole out as this song let's youb know that his got a lot more to give and that the upcoming album should be something to keep a lookout for.

"Latly I've been questioning, second guessing whether or not I've got something to offer as I done eluded poverty or has the money watered me down, that truth is hard for me like when I got cut from the junior varsity, fighting back tears, I promise to switch gears and said to myself, whatever you do you won't do partially...success is in the effort...some people say that I'm running third they through Ladrons at me, behind Drake and Dot yeah them n*ggas are superstars to me...God with me on this record this is heaven's ep...too much hunger, its nowonder this n*ggas can't keep up...supposed to be relaxing this passion makes it impossible" Heaven's EP by J cole

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