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For a rich woman, Mamkhize really needs a new hairstylist. opinion.

When Mamkhize's reality show, Kwa Mamkhize, premiered on national television, we were exposed to her. She was depicted as a wealthy woman who was involved in tenders. Her home was one of the show's most impressive features. Mamkhize's hair, on the other hand, isn't exactly in style. She prefers natural looks, but even her wigs don't quite cut it. We can't deny her beauty and sense of style. Shawn Mkhize is a stunning woman with a killer sense of style. Let's have a look at some of these hairstyles.

On this look, her hair looks quite damaged and looks like it needs treatment. She took the beautiful photo in bed and with no makeup. If this was indeed a morning picture then we can forgive the hair because we all know how hair can be after a beauty sleep.

This look can be regarded as the least bad. She was celebrating her birthday and her soccer team Royal AM even though they drawered. The wig looks OK but the styling of the look is what threw this hairstyle off.

This Garden look, suited her so well. The floral dress, the background was just giving us what we need. The problem is the hair. It looks old and it looks like it needs treatment.

This high and low cut wig was just not it. One thing is that it looks fake and does not suit her at all.

This look looked gorgeous when it was fresh but Mamkhize kept it on for way too long. The hair was just not aligning well and it just ruined the outfit.

It was all a ruse with this straight back hairdo. Mamkhize's lines weren't straight, her hair wasn't nicely braided, and she did not have the wealthy woman appearance we expected. Wealthy people are said to be unconcerned about their appearance, citing Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others, yet Mamkhize's dress sense indicates that she enjoys looking nice. Which of these hairstyles do you think is the worst for you, and what should Mamkhize do about it?

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