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Will London survive the poison? #GomoraMzansi

Gladys is so annoying she is the enabler. Had she decided to end things with Melusi a long time ago he wouldn’t  have had the audacity to come into that house and harass Ntokozo. She needs to set boundaries as a mom. 

Does Don always have to survive no man its boring, we do not want him as a "starring" find us a new starring no ways.

Melusi is one talented actor, Gomora is so blessed to have him. I hope you all see that no amount of s*x will fix your problems. Melusi must just face whatever that he’s going through head on. Mel will get drunk and say things to the wrong person. i I honestly don't feel any remorse for Melusi he deserves it.

This obsession Mazet has with Don ,look now London is dying. So Mazet wants Don to believe that London is the one who wanted to Poison him? Imagine if i tried to spike someone and i drank their drink? 

It was never a secret that Langa was the son that Melusi has always wanted, but it wasn't necessary for Melusi to tell Ntokozo that he resents being his father and that he Langa was the best son

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