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You will not believe what Inno Matijane did to this poor boy

Twitter is not for the faint hearted. So basically social media is the detective you cannot hide or run from, whatever you do in private, social media detectives will brig it to light. They've proven to be effective a number if times, and one instance is when Lorch and Natasha went on a baecation while their relationship was still not known by the public. The couple posted pictures of themselves without tagging one another but tweeps managed to zoom Lorch on Natasha's sun glasses, proved that they are at the same location by the views of the pictures they posted.

Inno Matijane exposed Sgoda Malatji for his hypocritical habits. Lipmpopo boy-Bujwa posted a picture of Inno captioning "Dumelang" meaning greetings. Sgoda Malatji went on the comment section and posted "Ehhh o jisetse team" translating to you've made the team lose. So basically what Sgoga was implying was that he made the team lose by posting Inno (who is openly gay) as that may suggest that his playing for the other team.

Without wasting any time, Inno posted on the ,comment section his reply to Sgoda. He posted a screenshot of Sgoda asking for his (Inno) numbers on his dm. He took this and shared it on twitter. Tweeps could not stop laughing at the fact that Sgoda was throwing a shade on Limpopo boy but ended up embarrassing himself in the process.

Some tweeps on the comments said he is one of the people that are living a lie, and are afraid of coming out and live their truths. Some called him bitter for not having the courage of coming out. Unfortunately this is the reality for many, some are afraid of the judgements from family and friends, while some don't have the support structures at all. So they live a lie trying to fit in. Check out some of the comments

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