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People Are Abusing Me That I Got Married To 42-year-old Woman, But I Married My Best Friend

In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, popular Nollywood actor Stanley Nze said that he had been subjected to abuse because he married a 42-year-old lady. Most people think he won't be able to handle the woman, he added. Stanley said he married his closest friend because she is the one who will make him happy.

He claims he married the person with whom he will be happy and free. The two of them are open to each other, he remarked. He revealed that his wife is a witty and down-to-earth individual.

According to him, before getting married, many told him that his marriage would last no more than six months before they started bickering. According to him, he had made a promise to avoid fighting with her for a year and it had been working.

At one point in his life, Stanley Itze mentioned that he had aspirations of becoming a pilot. He initially intended to become a lawyer, but his plans evolved to include medical school. Medical treatment failed to help him as well as he studied computer science at the University, he claimed.

Initially, Stanley says, his family dissuaded him from going into acting after hearing his plans. He boasted about how much he's accomplished in the film industry and how he doesn't look back on his decision to enter it.

Besides being a producer and an actor, his wife is also active in the film industry, according to him. He said that he didn't have to sit around waiting for his wife to cook for him all the time. To be honest, he will cook for himself if his wife hasn't done any cooking before he feels like having a meal. According to him, his marriage provides him with mental and emotional well-being.


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