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You Are Missing Out If You Haven't Watched These 10 Hollywood Action Films.

10. Home Alone.

When his family has inadvertently left home alone while on vacation in Paris for the holidays, an 8-year-old boy struggles to safeguard his family from burglars in the 1990 Christmas comedy film Home Alone. This is one of those uplifting movies where good triumphs against evil. Finally, the young boy outsmarts the burglars, who are apprehended and imprisoned. In the end, everything works out.

9. The God Father.

The Godfather have widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. Don Vito Corleone's all-powerful Italian-American crime family is the subject of The Godfather, a mafia drama film. When Don Corleone's son, Michael Corleone, joins the mafia, he becomes entangled in a horrible cycle of criminal violence and betrayal. As time goes by, gunfights between cops and drug gangs are growing increasingly common. The Godfather, rated the second “Greatest Film in American Film” by the American Film Institute.

8. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is a film about a young boy named Harry Potter who enrolls for the first time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry around the turn of the millennium. He understands he is a well-known magician, and he begins his magical studies at this time. Harry learns more about his past and how he came to possess magical talents as the story progresses. People flocked to cinemas and video halls to see this film, which enthralled its audience. It is still well-liked today, being among the top 10 most-watched films on the planet.

7. The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings is a Peter Jackson film franchise that includes three fantasy adventure films. The Fellowship of the Ring aims to destroy the One Ring and, by extension, the Dark Lord Sauron, the film's ruler, in a fictitious Middle-earth. The film's audience couldn't get enough of it, since it's both engaging and thrilling.

6. ET — The Extra Terrestrial.

Aliens and their interactions with humanity are the subject of this film. ET — The Extra Terrestrial is a 1982 science film about a benign alien who becomes trapped on Earth. Elliot, a young boy, finds across this alien and befriends him. Elliot returns home with this strange creature and delivers it to his brother and sister, who agree to keep its presence a secret. When the alien falls ill, the government intervenes to assist him.

5. Terminator 2 — Judgment Day.

Due to the participation of none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is one of the most popular films in the world. Schwarzenegger is a fan favorite, with many praising his acting and fighting abilities to the point where, shortly after retiring from acting, he was elected governor of California. He plays T-800, a robot tasked with safeguarding humanity by protecting a young John Connor in the film. He fights the villain T-1000, who intends to spark a robot uprising.

4. The Lion King.

We've probably all seen The Lion King. In this animated film, a young lion named Simba aspires to seize leadership of the animal kingdom after his father Mufasa has cruelly murdered by his envious uncle Scar. Human values and the ability to persist in the face of adversity has instilled in us by this video. 

3. Star Wars Episode IV — A new Hope.

Darth Vader's dark forces kidnap Princess Leia in this space opera to subdue revolt against the developing Galactic Empire. The Millennium Falcon and the Millennium Falcon team up to save the princess and bring the galaxy back to order.

2. Avatar.

Another extraterrestrial film has cracked the top ten most-watched films list. The exotic extraterrestrial realm of Pandora serves as the film's backdrop. The Nevi are the planet's natives, who look to be primitive but are actually quite advanced. An Avatar is a creature born from the union of a human and Nevi. The Avatars and the Nevi, who are struggling for the survival of their world.

It was finished in 2009, and its first performance received some of the most enthusiastic audiences ever.

1. Titanic.

One of the most well-known films in history is Titanic. It portrays a teenage Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of opposing socioeconomic levels. The Titanic is a disaster romance film about passengers on the RMS Titanic who fall in love and die after the ship sinks on her maiden voyage. It has gotten multiple award nominations and is one of the most successful films of all time in terms of box office receipts.

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