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7 Celebrities myths that people seem to believe

Celebrity rumors began to circulate long before the Internet was created, and once it was, the Internet was saturated with infinite delicious celebrity gossip. Some of it has grown so fashionable that people have begun to believe it.

We discovered eight ludicrous stories and came to the conclusion that there might be smoke without fire and that you should not accept everything you hear.

Stevie Wonder is not really blind

Some people believe that the famed singer is merely pretending to be blind because he goes to basketball games, buys TVs, and once tried to catch a falling microphone. The one thing proponents of this conspiracy idea can't explain is why Stevie Wonder pretended to be blind for 67 years.

Beyonce was never pregnant

This notion surfaced during the singer's first pregnancy on an Australian TV show. Beyoncé was chastised for the clothing she was wearing, which appeared to conceal her her bump. This deception provided fodder for the bizarre rumor that the singer was faking her pregnancy owing to "fertility issues."

In addition to her 5-year-old daughter, Beyoncé just gave birth to two lovely twins. This should imply that the singer's reproductive system is functioning normally.

Avril Lavigne was replaced by an imposter.

A Brazilian Web blog dedicated to the pop punk singer claimed in 2015 that Lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced by a doppelganger named Melissa Vandella.

The author discussed the disappearance of Avril Lavigne's moles and (lack of) changes in her look to support this claim. All of these claims have been debunked, but the imposter legend continues on.

Lorde is 45 years old

The unique appearance of Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor), a New Zealand musician, has sparked numerous theories regarding her "true" age. Some people believe the young star is over 40, despite the fact that she was just 17 when her debut album was released. Her birth certificate confirms this, indicating that she was born on November 7, 1996. Unfortunately, even this data isn't enough for some people.

Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey

Katy Perry's admirers have a hypothesis that she isn't actually Katy Perry! Neither does Kathryn Hudson (Katy chose to use her maternal name to avoid confusion with the actress Kate Hudson). JonBenét Ramsey, the child beauty pageant winner, is thought to be her real name.

Ramsey died tragically at the age of six, and the circumstances surrounding her death remain a mystery to this day. This, along with JonBenét and Katy's likeness, was apparently the catalyst for this ridiculous theory. It's simple to debunk this rumor: Katy was already six years old when Ramsey was born.

The "real" Paul McCartney died in 1966

According to supporters of this hypothesis, the real Paul McCartney died in a vehicle accident half a century ago and was replaced by a double. This was allegedly alluded to numerous times in The Beatles' songs and the symbolism associated with their work.

The Abbey Road record cover, for example, depicts Paul running after his comrades and barefoot (and the deceased are often buried barefoot, duh). When confronted with such "proof," we're not sure whether to laugh or cry, but we can certainly wish Sir Paul McCartney many more years.

Michael Jackson is still alive

Michael Jackson's fans refuse to believe he died in 2009 and prefer to believe he is still alive. They assemble facts and concoct intricate conspiracy theories. For instance, this photograph was taken in Switzerland, and the subject is thought to be Michael Jackson. It is, however, entirely up to you whether or not you believe these theories.


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