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Opinion| Blacks Hold Useless BEE Shares In The National Asset

To a lot of people, heritage means pap from GMO, tripe and dress codes. Black South Africans really got things wrong. Heritage means taking everyone out of hostels, ghettos an poverty, not senseless dancing or braais.

Heritage doesn't mean clowning and wearing stuff that you don't value in your life like "isiqholo". Others have s25 of the constitution which gives them rights to land, water and economy. Most blacks have "ibheshu" and tripe.

Blacks hold useless BEE shares in the national asset (heritage). They celebrate while others share dividends.

Heritage's national patrimony are rivers, minerals, land and so forth but none of these belong to Africans. Africans need to learn about "national patrimony" and their supposed equity in it before celebrating Heritage Day.

Heritage means overcoming the impossible as people but Africans don't get this. It means wealth and economy that people have generated for future generations. Africans think of alcohol.

Heritage means celebrating own stories, but Africans have poverty and diseases. Heritage means you're in control of your mind and voice. No single media belongs to Africans.

It means holding heads high because they are victorious but Africans are vulnerable and oppressed. There's nothing heritage about Anglo-American and SAB but oppression.

Heritage does not mean silly tiger print vests and other garments from China. Heritage does not mean suffering hostel dwellers in skin hide and shields. Africans are not producing.

While people dance to Jesus' song, others celebrate defeating their forefathers. Africans can only truly celebrate "Heritage" when they have "Inheritance" like wealth, land and so forth.

Until Africans stop celebrating European holidays, they will never have a heritage to celebrate.

Content created and supplied by: Sasatjie (via Opera News )

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