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Celebrities Who Admit They Don't Wear Underwear

On the red carpet, how do A-list celebrities always look their best? Most celebrities, courtesy to the great people at Spanx, use shapewear under their costly gowns. While some celebrities refuse to confess to using such items, others have been open about incorporating them into their ensembles. Gwyneth Paltrow once said in an interview, "There are these fantastic things called Spanx, and they just squish you in" (via Marie Claire). "It's fantastic!" exclaims the speaker. Katy Perry had to return to work three months after giving birth to her daughter Daisy, and she kept it real with her fans by delightfully showing her Spanx under her blue trench coat on social media.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian admitted that she had never been a fan of underwear before launching her own shapewear line, SKIMS. While she "rarely" wore anything underneath her clothing during her "party girl" days with Paris Hilton, the mogul told Rolling Stone that she thankfully did not fall victim to a paparazzi landing a shot of her as she stepped out of a car, as has unfortunately happened to stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

2.Christina Aguilera wishes to be "as uninhibited as possible."

If you've ever seen Christina Aguilera sing live, you know she usually doesn't wear anything underneath her outfit. The vocalist of "Can't Hold Us Down" has stated that she dislikes underpants and prefers to go commando. In 2012, when host Chelsea Handler had fellow "The Voice" coach Blake Shelton on the show, Aguilera came on "Chelsea Lately" and quipped that she isn't a lover of pants. "Chelsea made a big deal about me not wearing pants, and I've heard all about it. So when they asked me to come on, I figured if Chelsea did one thing for me, I'd do it "According to Aguilera.

3.Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson played the antagonist Baroness von Hellman in the Disney film "Cruella," although she expressed dissatisfaction with one aspect of her character's costume on "Lorraine." When Mark Heyes questioned about the "serious underwear" she had to wear for the part, she described it as "like a torture item" before going into detail about her emotions about all underwear. Thompson admitted, "I don't like underpants in general, and I quit wearing underwear a long time ago." "It's not my scene. I don't like comfy underwear, and I find it uncomfortable."

4.Lady Gaga despises underwear just as much as she despises pants.


Does it come as a surprise to anyone that Lady Gaga prefers to go without knickers? According to the Daily Star (via Digital Spy), the singer previously stated, "I'm not a big fan of wearing underpants. It's unusual for me to do so. It's pointless. And I'm not embarrassed about it." Gaga, on the other hand, sang a different tune about underwear in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I feel more liberated in underwear, and I despise f****** pants," she explained. "Plus, it's a lot more fun to dance."

5. Jamie Foxx

Around his children, Jamie Foxx claims to have gone commando.

On a 2020 episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," actor and musician Jamie Foxx opened up about his underwear-related behaviors while playing "Burning Questions." When Ellen DeGeneres asked him to mention a way in which he embarrasses his children, he said, "I don't always put on underpants. This isn't a negative thing. I'm just a natural person, so my kids will interrupt me when I'm working on something... Okay, let's try something else." "No kid wants to see their dad strolling around with no underpants," the "Django Unchained" star tried to divert the subject, but the very amused talk show host interjected. She makes an excellent point.

6.Kim Cattrall believes that not wearing underwear is a healthier option.

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about how to live a healthy lifestyle, but "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall believes that going without underwear is one method to make our bodies "healthier." "My ultimate fashion advice is that it's a known truth that if you don't wear underwear it's more ventilation and that's maybe healthier," the actor said in an interview with Look magazine (via Express), urging more women to follow in her footsteps.


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