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5 female celebrities that have killed someone in real life

Misfortunes happen to us all - if you are a VIP. Anyone can commit errors. 

Here are valid biographies of VIPs who killed somebody and what befell them after the misfortunes. 


Delightful Nollywood entertainer Ibinabo Fiberesima was charged for homicide and wild driving in 2009 after she incidentally killed clinical specialist Giwa Suraj in an auto collision. 

How the mishap occurred - On February 26, 2006, Nollywood entertainer Ibinabo Fiberesima was driving along Lekki-Epe freeway when she failed to keep a grip on her vehicle, steered into inbound path and slammed her vehicle into Suraj Giwa's vehicle, which brought about his demise. 

The expired was a clinical expert at the Lagos General Medical clinic. 

The entertainer was captured and charged to court for murder and careless driving. She was indicted and condemned to five years in prison by Equity Deborah Oluwayemi of a Lagos State High court in 2009. 

Ibinabo was subsequently allowed bail following an allure documented by her attorney, Nnaemeka Amaechina. 

In any case, a Lagos High Court, on Walk 11, 2016, excused Fiberesima's allure and maintained her five-year prison term. 

On Walk 16, 2016, Ibinabo was sacked as Leader of the Entertainers Society of Nigeria and condemned to a 5-year prison term by a Government High Court sitting in Lagos. 

She was anyway allowed bail in the amount of ₦2 million and two guarantees in like total on April 7, 2016 by a Court of Allure in Lagos forthcoming the assurance of her allure at the High Court. 

In 2018, Ibinabo in an enthusiastic assertion, asked Nigerians and the group of the expired for absolution. 

She likewise uncovered that starting around 2006 that the mishap happened and in the midst of the delayed preliminary and her possible conviction, she fell into sadness and breast fed self-destructive considerations. 

Ibinabo cried in her assertion saying: 

"I was driving along Lekki street, getting back subsequent to getting a companion's girl from a congregation Cooperation. Unexpectedly, a red vehicle surpassed the SUV before me. The SUV was voyaging gradually, so I moved to its front, as well. The red vehicle was being driven by a youngster and had his companions with him… I drove past the red vehicle. 

I imagine that may have irritated the youthful chap since he quickly sped from behind, drove past me and made an unexpected stop in my front. 

I attempted to try not to hit those young men in the red vehicle. I turned and let completely go at that time, the effect plunged my vehicle into inbound path. 

Dr. Giwa was inbound, accordingly he crashed into my vehicle and the two vehicles impacted. I fell and dropped. After three days, I woke up in a medical clinic bed to realize what had occurred. 

I was powerless, sore and in torments. I was unable to move my legs. I had been calmed for three days. Specialists said they needed to steady me to numb my aggravation. In the interim, the police had been educated that I was in that clinic. The Lagos State Police went to the medical clinic to take my assertion of what occurred. After I gave them my assertion, I was captured at the emergency clinic and charged to court. 

I'm extremely sorry Dr Suraj Giwa kicked the bucket in that mishap. Please, Nigeria, pardon me. I'm languishing. I have pondered self destruction a few times. 

I'm not an executioner. The mishap was not deliberate. I have dove into deep sorrow and couldn't have cared less with regards to living since it occurred. I'm not a killer. Furthermore, I was not intoxicated when the deplorable mishap occurred." 

I'm perpetually exceptionally sorry this mishap occurred. I never made arrangements for it. 

I beg the family. I contacted the GO of the congregation where the late specialist's better half venerates to implore him to go along with me beg her. He was on a campaign in Benue and I proceeded to meet with him. 

I'm extremely sorry it occurred. I'm not haughty or thoughtless. I have been sorry from the second I took in the mishap took a dear life." 

I contemplate Dr. Giwa consistently. I petition God for his spirit and I implore and look for pardoning from his family for the aggravation and misery. I'm exceptionally heartbroken. 

Ibinabo's case is forthcoming the assurance of her allure at the High Court. 


Kannywood entertainer Rabi Ismail, otherwise called Rabi Cecilia, in 2005 was seen as blameworthy of tranquilizing and suffocating her beau, Ibrahim Auwalu in 2002 in Kano. 

She was condemned to death by a High Court in Kano. 

Entertainer Rabi Ismail was said to have killed her beau, Ibrahim Auwalu (an entertainer as well) in 2002 to get his property. 

As per reports, she had baited Ibrahim to an excursion at Tiga Dam, where she harmed him with chocolate and drove him into the dam. 

Citing Rabi's confession booth explanation, the appointed authority noticed that prior to driving Auwalu into the dam, Rabi had eliminated the amount of N10,000 from his pocket. 

Rabi Ismail murder case went right to the High Court. 

The High Court and the Court of Allure had before decided that she was at legitimate fault for homicide and ought to be executed. 

In July 2011, the High Court maintained the sentence of the lower and allure courts that condemned her to death by hanging. 

Rabi was at first held at the Kaduna Focal Jail from where she was moved to Hadejia jail to anticipate the execution of the judgment. 

Anyway on December 16, 2011, she got away from jail and for a long time, nobody knew where she was stowing away. 

In 2017, Rabi Ismail was recovered by the representatives of the Knowledge Unit of the Nigerian Detainment facilities Administration and State Security Administration. 


Another star that had a deadly mishap is American expert tennis player and symbol Venus Williams. She is sister to Serena Williams. 

What happened was in June 2017, Venus Williams was in Palm Sea shore, Florida, driving her Toyota Sequoia SUV when one more vehicle collided with hers at a crossing point. 

The vehicle's driver, Linda Barson, endure, yet her traveler, her kid spouse, Jerome Barson, later kicked the bucket. 

Mr Barson, 78, endured "huge" lethal wounds from the mishap in Palm Sea shore Nurseries city. His family said Barson's wounds included "cut off fundamental veins, enormous inward dying, a broke spine, and gigantic inner organ harm." 

Venus Williams, a seven-time Excellent Hammer champion, was at first associated with transforming into the crossing point without option to proceed, yet was subsequently gotten free from any bad behavior after specialists acquired a reconnaissance video that showed she wasn't to blame. 

No charges were recorded against the tennis star. She ultimately arrived at a settlement with Jerome Barson's family which wasn't unveiled. 


Artist Liquor Norwood was important for a multi-auto crash that left a mother of two dead and her kids harmed. 

The mishap occurred on December 30, 2006. Liquor was driving home when she failed to keep a grip on her Property Meanderer on the 405 road in Los Angeles when a close by vehicle steered into hers. 

She rammed into a Toyota Corolla driven by Awatef Aboudihaj, a 38-year-old spouse and mother who later kicked the bucket. Aboudihaj's two youngsters, who were additionally in the vehicle, had minor wounds and made a full recuperation. 

However not really set in stone that there was inadequate proof to accuse artist Cognac of murder, she keeps on conveying with her the aggravation coming from her inclusion in the mishap. 

Cognac was crushed by her part in the mishap. She said in a meeting: 

"Being engaged with something that unfortunate... I could barely handle it. 

I don't believe that is something I might at any point move past or at any point really see, however that was one of the most exceedingly awful occasions in my day to day existence." 

I understood that God is genuine. Since I had no other person to go to. I had no other person to rely upon." 

To adapt, I did a ton of addressing God. A great deal of imploring and a ton of journaling. A great deal of Gospel music." 

Brandy in the long run arrived at a settlement with Aboudihaj's single man, which wasn't disclosed. 

Transsexual CAITLYN JENNER: 

In February 2015, exceptionally well known US big name Caitlyn Jenner was associated with a deadly various vehicle crash. 

She back finished a vehicle on the Pacific Coast Roadway in California, pummeling it into traffic, where it was then demolished by an approaching vehicle. 

The other vehicle's driver, 70 year old Kim Howe, a basic entitlements lobbyist and entertainer, was killed, and seven others seriously harmed. 

Crushed, Jenner delivered an assertion saying, 

My genuine and most unimaginable feelings go out to the family and friends and family, and to those who were involved or harmed in this horrible mishap. 

It is a staggering misfortune, and I can't claim to envision what this family is going through right now. I'm petitioning God for them. I will keep on collaborating inside and out. 

Caitlyn Jenner said paparazzi were to blame for her inclusion in the auto accident that killed 70 year old Kim Howe. 

Court docs asserted that the picture takers were [stalking] Jenner, pursuing Jenner and badgering Jenner for the duration of the day, up through the hour of the episode." 

The Los Angeles Region Head prosecutor (D.A.) chose not to accuse Caitlyn Jenner of vehicular homicide since she wasn't speeding and her direct was not "absurd" when she "set off a chain of occasions" that brought about the passing of Kim in the multi-vehicle stack up on the Pacific Coast Parkway. 

May the spirits of the dead reprieve in wonderful harmony.

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