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Check Out How These Hollywood Movies Looked Like Without CGI Or Edits.

Have you ever noticed how you believe everything you see in a dream no matter how unrealistic it is? Interestingly, the same applies to movies. Sometimes we get carried away by a movie so much that a flying man, a wizard or talking aliens don’t look strange at all.

We constantly watch movies from cinema and get amazed by them and sometimes wonder how on earth are they done? Seeing them behind the scene is really amazing and I am going to show you in a series of pictures on how these big block buster look like from behind the scene.

Seeing them behind the scenes really makes us appreciate the actor because they are talking alone or to sticks as if they are real and the final product is amazing

Here How Movies Look Like From Behind The Scenes.

Seeing the movies from behind the scenes really makes us appreciate the people working behind the scene. Not to take away anything from the actor but the guys that turn green things in to real animals or monsters are doing amazing jobs. Without CGI the movies we watched wouldn't be as entertaining as they would without CGI.

Before CGI, filmmakers were forced to invent all kinds of tricks in order to bring more fantastical stories to life.

With CGI, the tricks of the past now appear positively antiquated. Where once special effects work was laborious, now whole worlds can be built – and erased – using computers alone.

Other people that deserve credit and make out actors look cool are the stunt doubles.

They too do a splendid on doing the stunts. Not all the actors are Jackie Chan and do their own stunts, some need a little help.

Stuff like these really makes you see the amount of work that goes into making a movie. The next time you want too pirate the movie and get it for free just know people worked day in and day out without sleep trying to make a movie where people would enjoy in cinema.

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