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People reacted after this was said about TKZee member Magesh

TKZee is one of the best South African kwaito song group which was formed in the 1990's by three school friends, Tokollo Tshabalala also known as Magesh, Kabelo Mabalane and Zwai Bala. Known for hit songs such as "Phalafala", "Shibobo" and many others. The group went on to make a name for themselves in the kwaito music industry. Without a doubt TKZee are the legends in the kwaito music industry.

However a comment was made about one of the TKZee members, Tokollo Tshabalala that made people upset and react on the comment.

In this comment the individual wrote that TKZee was like the Destiny's Child of South Africa with Zwai Bala as Beyonce, Kabelo Mabalane as Kelly and when the individual mentioned Tokollo Tshabalala the individual said Tokollo was the other girl in Destiny's Child.

This made people upset as they said that the individual was disrespecting Tokollo. It may seem as if the individual who wrote this statement about Tokollo does not seem to know TKZee as Tokollo was also a huge part in the success of the group.

Some also said that Tokollo was the Beyonce of the group but it seem unfair to compare the TKZee group members as everyone had his unique way of making TKZee a success.


TKZee was a group that worked together and no individual out shined another one. Kabelo Mabalane also mentioned the contributions that Tokollo made at TKZee. This just proved that every member at TKZee had a contribution towards the success of the group, so the TKZee members should not be compared to each other. To watch what Kabelo Mabalane said click on the link below.

Below are some of the comments that people made.

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