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ETV Scandal|| Mbali's sister wants to tell Jojo that she is carrying his child

Mbali's sister has been having second thoughts about giving Mbali her child. Mbali always crushed her ideas. Winnie heard uncle Jakes talking about being Jojo's friend and she was eager to find out more. She asked Bra Jakes about the kind of person Jojo is and he told him that he is a kind person. Winnie also asked the kind of father that Jojo will be and Bra Jakes' answer made her to have some thoughts. He said that Jojo's child will be lucky to have him as a father. He then asked her if he knew anything about why Mbali lied to Jojo that Winnie was in Cape Town. Winnie dodged the question. She knows that if Bra Jakes knows the truth about the pregnancy, he might tell Jojo and who knows what might happen next. Bra Jakes told Winnie that he knows that she and Mbali are lying about something he would soon find out.


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