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Scandal - Mbali's web of lies catch up with her

The prosthetic belly that Mbali (Nolwazi Ngubeni) recently got to help with her fake pregnancy isn’t the only lie she’s keeping from her husband Jojo (Melusi Mbele).

Mbali has lied to Jojo about her background. Seeing the privilege Jojo comes from money made Mbali feel insecure, so she lied and told him she too comes from a wealthy but stuck-up family who disapproved of her marriage because her husband Jojo wasn’t educated.

To make herself look like a bride who values love over money, she told the Kubekas that she cut off her family and chose her husband despite his status. But her house of cards may soon be tumbling down.


“Mbali’s story is routed in desperation,” says Nolwazi. “Desperation to leave Snake Park and create a better life for herself.

Desperation to be accepted in a world she never imaged being part of. Desperation for Jojo to succeed, which she sees as her own success. Desperation to give Jojo the life he’s always wanted, which is a family and to be a dad. Mbali will stop at nothing to do just that.

Jojo is still over the moon that after two miscarriages his wife is finally far enough along in her pregnancy that he’ll soon have the heir he’s always wanted. Jojo has no idea that after her last miscarriage, Mbali was told that she’ll never be able to carry a baby full-term.

Mbali didn’t settle for this news. Earlier this year, she drugged Jojo and got her sister Winnie (Fundiswa Ngcobo) to sleep with him while he was blindfolded. And just as Mbali wanted, Winnie is now pregnant with Jojo’s baby.


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