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Solomzi makes fun of Kabza de Small's new outfit and Mzansi says he Was inspired by Lesilo Rula

Solomzi makes fun of Kabza de Small's new outfit and Mzansi loves it:

- Kabza de small recently shared a photo of himself and his team enjoying the new drip that they were wearing with a lot of ropes on they're outfits. Little did they know that twitter users would later turn them into a laughing stock.

- Solomzi from MacG's podcast weren't on to make a joke about Kabza de Small's outfit on twitter, and everyone was in for the fun. Solomzi came out to state the following in a respectful many which didn't feel in anyway offensive,

"Photo took him in and Showed him how to manoeuvre the game Now Kabza is showing others the ropes."

Shared photo:

Background image:

Twitter users were excited after reading this on twitter, they weren't on to say Kabza de small was inspired by Lesilo Rula from a local TV show. The violence from the fans didn't stop there as everyone wanted to say they're piece of mind. Here are some of the twitter comments shared by twitter users.

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