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Dreams Delayed Are Not Dreams Denied, See Pics Of Makhadzi Before Money And Fame

Looking at our South Africa music industry today one can never ever talk about people who are doing good and people who have maneged to archive a lot of good things over the past 2 years or so and leave the Limpopo Queen Makhadzi Muimbi out of the list,Truth is ever since Makhadzi rose to fame countrywide in 2018 with her Matorokisi hit track she has transformed into the best version on herself,

So now as reader who night have know her around 2018 have you ever wondered were she comes from as a musician and what she could have been through to sit were she is sitting today? They say no pain no gain have you ever wondered what she had had to go through in order to be as big as she is today? Well I got you covered see the pics attached below

The pics you see above were shot before 2015 when Makhadzi was still out there trying to find her way into the Mzansi's music industry what she was doing at this point in time was that she used to perform outside shopping centre's for coins while selling her Music R10 per (Cd-s) at the same time.But look at her now she is one of the best selling and booked artists in Mzansi and that needs to research at all.

So now besides that did you know that she just got more rich today after signing a contract worth over R100 million? Well according to my source :

Makhadzi has signed a R120 million massive deal called Kokovha with kicksportswear to develop and create various products she believes in isn't that good? I mean Makhadzi was a nobody 5 years back but look at her now,If you are out there and pushing something which don't seem to be getting together now I would advise you to look up to people like her and not let go of your dreams.Always bare in mind that dreams delayed are not dreams denied 

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