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“They have all grown up” Mzansi Finds christina From Generations


Mzansi seems to have found the young actress who played Christina, the daughter of Menzi Ngubanes Sibusiso Dhlomo and Sonia Mbeles Ntombi. According to Insidegist's social media posts, the young actress is named Siyamthando Moyo and is now a teenager. 

Menzi Ngubane reportedly suffered a stroke and died on March 13 this year. He was resting in Durban, next to his father, who died a few days after Mencius's death. Sonia Mbele and Menzi Ngubane are sometimes IT couples from SA on TV. 

When discussing her relationship with Mac G on Podcast And Chill, the actress said that their relationship was very professional. "Even to the point where we even say goodbye, we respect each other's rooms, and I will never call them at home." She explained. 

"There are some boundaries that should not be crossed. We have never crossed a boundary. This is very professional. Chapter 

Speaking of Mencius's death, it was soon revealed that he was no longer there. Sonia disclosed its impact on her on social media.

"I am silent because I am dealing with it, and I am still fighting! Our love story is written in the field of television, and you will always be Ntombi's soul mate." She wrote on Twitter. 

When chatting with Phat Joe on Cheeky Palate, Sonia hinted that she had married her ex for money. "People always say that Sonia gets married for money, where am I? This guy earns a salary.

He went to work, took the suitcase, went home, and got his salary at the end of the month. He has never been a BEE or bidder, and we all deserve a salary. 

When discussing the nature of their relationship, Mbele added that it was toxic. Sometimes they did not speak for years. Now she likes to talk about it because her children have grown up. 

"Who am I married to?" When you wake up, you will feel,'Today I love you, but tomorrow I hate you'. How could it be so ugly, this is unreasonable. 

"There was a period when we had not spoken for many years. Now I am happy to talk about it, but for a while I have not spoken.

The reason I am satisfied with it now is because my child has grown up and can know, decipher, and judge And the decision, what I say now will not shock them," she shared. 

She also revealed that her ex asked her to leave Generations because he was uncomfortable with her close relationship with Menzi on the screen.

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